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Are you looking for the best hair salon in Pasadena? For the past decade Salon Sonik has been providing top notch quality service to Pasadena and the surrounding Los Angeles area. People come to Salon Sonik to indulge in the luxury. We believe that comfort and quality are the two best things a salon can offer your. We use only the highest end products and brands when it comes to your hair.

We use all of the top named brands like Redken, Mens Department, Nioxin and Wella. We take a great amount of pride on being the best hair salon in Pasadena. We treat each and every customer with a great amount of care and there is never any rush. Many of our hair cut clients love enjoying our coffee and cappuccino bar while waiting for their hair color to activate. You will enjoy the subtle smooth ambiance that our hair salon Pasadena offers.

Our hair salon is also home to one of finest boutique jewelry stores in Pasadena as well. Aside from normal hair cuts and colors our store also has day spa facilities and a full menu of facials and skin peels. We look forward to being your one stop shop for all things Hair Salon Pasadena. Everyone one of our stylist was selected to work at Salon Sonik because of their tremendous attention to detail and un blemished records of success in the hair car industry.

At Salon Sonik our goal is simple and clear to be the best hair Salon not only in Pasadena but the world, Our team of stylist have dedicated their careers to being known as the best. Our staff and stylist are also committed to staying up to date on all of the trends and latest techniques of the ever changing hair care industry.




Hair Salon Pasadena



Hair Salon Pasadena

Quality Hair Salon Pasadena


Our ultra high end hair salon looks forward to catering to all of your hair needs. Not only do we do regular hair care services but we also have amazing specials and great rates on Brazilian blow outs as well as traditional blow outs. If your hair is in need of color corrections, weaves, relaxers or even hair extensions. We have dedicated our salon to the craft of hair extensions and hair color.


Your in house stylist will be one of the best the industry has to offer. We are committed to elevating the hair salon experience in Pasadena to the highest levels seen. We treat the everyday woman like a queen in our hair salon. A cut and color at Salon Sonik will leave your hair looking and feeling like new. Anyone who touches your hair after being to our salon will comment on how amazing the texture looks.

Many times your hair can lose its soft feeling after excessive coloring however our staff can revitalize your hear back to a like new condition in only one sitting. Many hair salon Pasadena business’s have lost what it means to give the customer what they need not whats most profitable. Here at our hair salon Pasadena we will never shortchange the customer or cut corners.


We want you to experience luxury each and every time you step foot into our salon. Our full staff of hair stylist are here every single day to serve you. We have are open early and stay late if you need us to. If you have a hair related emergency feel free to call us and we can meet with you right when you need us

Men’s Hair Salon Pasadena CA


Aside from providing high end hair care for women we also provide top notch quality hair care for men. Our men’s hair salon Pasadena will have you looking clean and ready for your next job interview or hot date with the latest looks.

We can provide you with a cutting edge hair style that is sure to wow everyone in your social media Friends list. When it comes to your hair style we take many factors such as your physical attributes and your desired self image before offering you our input on what you should do with your hair. We are also great fans of helping you select a hair style that incorporates growth patterns as well as the shape and size of your head and face. Here at Salon Sonik we think that your trip to the hair salon we should put as much into your hair as a artist would put as much work into the painting sitting on their easel.


If you cant tell by now we take being a hair salon Pasadena very seriously. If you are suffering from greying hair we also have many options to incorporate color into your hair without compromising the integrity of your hair.

We can make your hair coloring either subtle or a real stand out and at the end of the day its truly up to you. We strive to make you feel comfortable and make sure that your experience in our hair salon is one that’s memorable



Hair Salon Pasadena CA

Voted Best Hair Salon in Pasadena



We are committed to providing you with a one of a kind experience that will leave your hair feeling rejuvenated and you feeling ready to take on the world. Our salon is ready to take your hair care to its next level.Get ready to leave all of the other Pasadena hair salons behind and start off fresh with one of the industry leaders in the area Your friends and family will comment on the wonderful new aesthetic condition of your hair and your wonderful new style. We simply can’t wait to show you why we are the best hair salon Pasadena has ever seen. Join one of our thousands of customers who have already found their hair salon of the future today and visit our main hair salon website here. You can make an appointment as well as look at our stylist bios and learn more about which one of our hair stylist will best suit you. Don’t wait make an appointment today and find out the Salon Sonik Difference

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